About Diane

Hi, I’m Diane from New York.

I have what some might refer to as “wanderlust” and have always had a love of adventure and a genuine interest in learning as much as possible about the world and the people in it. I have lived on five different continents, and I am always thinking about where I will go next!

After I graduated from university, I moved to Brazil and spent six months teaching English in a small town outside of São Paulo, eating delicious fruits, attempting to salsa dance and developing a passion for teaching. From Brazil I moved to Chicago, where I spent two years teaching English at an international language school. During those two years, I was able to meet many amazing people from around the world, and as a result my urge to travel once again took control. I created this website in January 2013 so that I could continue teaching English as I traveled.

My lessons are based on the belief that understanding basic grammar concepts and practicing these concepts in a fun way with games and speaking with native speakers is the best way to learn English.

When I’m not spending countless hours developing grammar lessons and creating videos, I might be found playing soccer, riding my bicycle long distances, planning my next trip, playing nerdy card games, or watching embarrassingly terrible romantic comedies.

I hope that you enjoy my lessons and have as much fun learning English as I do teaching it!

Meet Teacher Diane- Online English teacher