Student Testimonials

I really like your videos! I am an ESL teacher in Chile and these are very helpful in my class! Because I expose them to authentic English plus the grammar we will use! I'm really looking forward for more videos!

Jocelyn Moreno Gómez from YouTube

I LOVE your videos!! You explain the concepts so clearly and I love the different colors and awesome pictures! Do you draw them yourself?

Audrey H from YouTube

Diane is an enthusiastic person, a strong stimulus for students, pragmatic and result-oriented teacher. She is extremely well organized and tailored her teaching in accordance with her students needs. Instructional time is not only devoted to fun, you will see a real improvement of your English proficiency. She is very professional and is always willing to help her students during the class, but also when they are back to their own countries. In a nutshell, she is the best teacher and an adorable person.

Melike from France

I would like to express my gratefulness and thankfulness to Teacher Diane for the lessons she has given to me since June 2013.

The progress that I made in English and the more confidence I feel practicing English are a reflection of my lessons with Ms. Diane in the last few months.

She designs her lessons in a way that matches the different needs of her students. She is able to evaluate your progress and point out the part where the students should work hard to improve.

Based on previous experiences on Skype with many other teachers I admit that I have really benefited in English with Ms. Diane more than I had thought before I joined her lessons.

Sami from Saudi Arabia

I’m a teacher myself, and that’s why finding an English teacher for myself was a really tough task. I wanted to work with a native, but, unfortunately, most natives think that it’s enough to be born in England or the US to be able to teach English as a second language.

So for the last 3 years I have been studying with about 5 different tutors, but I had no progress at all. Either tasks were to easy for me or the classes were organised so that I was listening to the tutor to speak most of the time, keeping silent myself.

And then I came across the site and met Diane and the things changed. I was looking forward to our next class, as I knew we would discuss some interesting subject or watch an exciting video. I learned a lot about the culture of the US, found out new things about Americans and now I had a different view on the country. I think that the secret of why Diane is the best teacher is that she is absolutely fond of what she is doing and really wants to help her students to speak English.

Ola from Russia

I'm a graduate English student from Qassim University, Saudi Arabia. I've been having lessons with Diane for over 1 year. Diane is the number 1 and best teacher I've ever spoken to, keeping in mind that I'd spoken to more than 25 English online tutors over Skype, but no one is as excellent as her.

She's not only a teacher, but a super qualified native English speaker, nice, friendly, easy to talk to, thorough, enthusiastic, open-minded...etc.

She uses AMAZING techniques to get you excited and encouraged to talk and express your opinion.

She helped me a lot and I made big progress. I'm happy to be one of her students and I'm super thankful and grateful to her.

Abraham from Saudi Arabias

The classes really made a difference, I was able to talk faster and with less effort to find the right words and that made me feel much more comfortable in dealing with people, thus making the whole traveling experience more enjoyable. And for that I thank you. I'm looking forward to the next class.

Leandro from Brazil

Studying with Diane changed my learning experience in an extremely positive way. She is very patient and has outstanding teaching methods. I really noticed my English skills have improved beyond my expectation.

Victor from Russia

Diane is amazing. She is an easy-going, social, interesting person and also skilled teacher who is always very attentive on what you need and at the same time has a clear goal of each lesson. I am happy to be her student.

Veronika from Russia

Your teaching/tutoring style has a real impact on how students learn or improve their English! (I've noticed it myself) And every fellow student I've spoken since said you are by far the best teacher he/she has or had.

Koen from the Netherlands

Thank you teacher. I can say that without your work, right now I couldn’t speak anything of English, and look at me now, I’m da shit speaking English. Just kidding, just wanted to be goofy. Being honest, I appreciate so much your patience everyday with us, making all the time our classes so entertaining and interesting, trying to explain us with different ways when we didn’t understand some word, sentence or exercise. Thank you for your effort every day. I’m sure that no one could teach us English better than you. I felt in your classes like a teenager, and I’m 27 years old (I know I’m getting old). Thank you for this experience that I could never forget.

Jairo from Spain

Well, I just want to say that you are an excellent teacher, that all my progress in English was because of you, and thanks for all the help you gave me with the study and the resume. I wish the best for you.

Diego from Colombia

You are my best teacher by far and glad to be one of your lucky students!

Ala from Saudi Arabia

Hey, Diane! I really enjoyed your class and your group was nice! Do you have NY's english accent, or Chicago-NY-Bostonian? If it's NY's, I think NY's accent is my new favorite english accent! In the past I've worked with some native english speakers colleagues, from different countries, whose accents sounded cool but I couldn't understand them at all! Yours was clearer to me!

Oziel from Kzakstan

I very often remember about love and care which you gave me while I was studying English in Chicago, and I will never forget about it!!! I am very happy that I have met you!!!

Andrey from Russia

I hope you're doing very well. I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to be in your class, you are a very good teacher and you def have talent teaching, I learned a lot and you were also very nice always, so thanks!

Vale from Chile

I hope everything is ok with you, I never forget you, really I miss you, always I remember Chicago and I remember my days at the classroom. Well Diane thanks again for everything! I will be appraiser with you all my life! Have fun always...

Williams from Venezuela

I am very happy with the result of the test and my improvement. I would do like to thanks you again because your way to teach us let me did that.

Armando from Brazil

I’m a very lucky girl to be able to meet such an excellent teacher like you. I have gotten lots of things from you, because you teach passionately and make an effort to give us confidence. In Korea, when I studied English and took a lesson from some teacher, I didn’t feel interest in English. However, since I was taught by you, I have had much interest in English and gained confidence a lot. So, you’re my best English teacher ever.

Mi Kyoung from Korea

Words can’t describe how thankful I am. I really appreciate everything you did for us. By far you are the best teacher sincerely. Thank you so much. Muchas gracias!

Juan Carlos from Colombia

Just I wanted to tell you that I really thank you! I like our class so much. that's why I feel super sad now...If I can be an English teacher, I wanna be like you :))

Ryota from Japan

I would like to tell you again: "Thank you.” Thank you for your patience, your pedagogy, your smile and of course your grammar lessons :) It was a short time but I learned more in 2 months in Chicago than in 5 months in Boston.

Marion from France