Teacher Diane Pricing

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Cheaper rates apply to conversation only classes.

Teacher Diane- English Teacher on Skype


Currently unavailable

  • native English speaker from New York
  • five years English teaching experience
  • Business and Journalism degree
  • taught in Brazil and Chicago
  • uses electronic whiteboard in lessons
  • loves soccer, cards, and teaching!
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Teacher Jessa- English Teacher on Skype


$25-30 / hour

  • native English speaker from Florida
  • four years English teaching experience
  • Humanities degree (currently studying Business)
  • taught in Chile and Ecuador
  • loves cooking and the outdoors
  • speaks Spanish
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Teacher Julianne- English Teacher on Skype


$25-30 / hour

  • native English speaker from Boston
  • four years teaching experience
  • Psychology degree
  • taught in Boston, Chicago and Thailand
  • loves running outdoors, dancing, and watching American football
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