Introducing the new!

10 April 2014 by Diane

Has it really been over a year?

I launched Teacher Diane in January of 2013, with the almost idealistic dream of being able to travel the world and teach English online.  I am fortunate to say that my dream has come true.  

In this past year, I have helped over forty students improve their English.  I have learned even more about the English language than I ever thought possible.  And I have developed enough lesson plans to last an average teacher a lifetime.  

As I approach my five-year anniversary of teaching English, I am proud to say that I have taught students from over 25 different countries.  Although at times my eyes may be blurry, and my nighttime dreams full of English grammar, it has all been worth it.

And now, with the help of a very talented software engineer, I am ready to release Teacher Diane Version 2.0.  

The new Teacher Diane website will still offer specialized Skype English lessons, but in addition, it will offer a pre-made lesson package.  Based on my knowledge and experience, I have developed a method of learning English that I truly believe in-- a method of easily explaining grammar concepts and offering students an opportunity to practice each grammar topic in a practical way, with writing, listening and speaking opportunities.  

I'm both amazed by and grateful for the amount of demand I've had for Skype lessons over this past year.  In fact, there has been so much demand that my calendar has been completely full, and I've had to start turning away students.  Because of this, I decided to design a way to make my lessons more accessible to students, and less dependent on my time.  I put the core of my lessons in a package that I hope will benefit more students than would be possible with my time alone.  I truly believe that the lesson package captures the essence of my lessons in the best way possible.

I've never seen a combination of video tutorials, grammar games, writing practice and Skype conversation like this before.  The past few months have been spent working hard developing this lesson package, and eagerly awaiting the day that I could introduce it to the world.  

And here it is!


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