World Idioms

30 October 2015 by Diane


The correct answer is D.

The idiom out of this world is used to describe something that is extremely impressive.

Here are some other idioms with the word world.

in one’s own world - in deep thought or concentration

on top of the world - feeling wonderful

the best of both worlds - experiencing the advantages of two different things at the same time

What’s the world coming to? - something that you say that means that life isn’t as pleasant or safe as it was in the past

worlds apart - completely different from one another

make a world of difference - a big difference

move up in the world - to be increasingly successful, especially by advancing one's social status or financial situation

all the time in the world - as much time as you need

What a small world! - It’s an incredible coincidence!

It’s not the end of the world. - It’s not so bad.

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