Common Collocations

14 August 2014 by Diane


have a party          

have a drink

have a good time

have a problem

have a relationship

have lunch/dinner

have a headache

have a drink

have an argument / fight


do business  

do nothing / something

do someone a favor

do the cooking / cleaning / laundry

do the housework / dishes

do the shopping

do your best

do your hair

do your homework

do a puzzle

do a good job

do fine


make a difference

make a mess

make a mistake

make a noise

make progress

make money / a profit

make space / room

make trouble

make a change

make plans / arrangements

make a telephone call

make a deal

make an excuse

make an offer / suggestion

make a decision / choice

make the bed

make friends

make breakfast / lunch

make an exception

make a cake / cup of coffee

make the best of something

make fun of

make sense


take a break

take a chance

take a look

take a seat

take a taxi / bus

take an exam

take notes

take one’s temperature

take action

take a number

take a nap


break a leg

break a promise

break a record

break a window

break someone’s heart

break the ice

break the law

break the news to someone

break the rules

break a record


catch a ball

catch a bus

catch a cold / the flu

catch a thief

catch someone’s eye


come close

come early

come first

come into view

come last

come late

come on time

come prepared

come right back

come to a compromise

come to a decision

come to an agreement

come to an end

come to a total of


go abroad      

go bald

go bankrupt

go blind

go crazy

go deaf

go fishing / hiking / sailing

go mad

go missing

go on foot

go online

go out of business

go overseas

go to war


get divorced

get drunk

get frightened

get lost

get married

get permission

get pregnant

get ready

get started

get the impression

get the message

get upset

get wet

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