Verb: Look

28 October 2015 by Diane


The correct answer is D.

The verb LOOK can be followed by many different prepositions, each with a different meaning.

look after - to take care of someone or something
For example: My grandmother is very old and needs someone to
look after her.

look ahead - to think about and plan for the future
For example: She is very spontaneous and doesn’t like to
look ahead.

look around - explore with your eyes
For example: Sometimes you should stop what you are doing,
look around and enjoy the moment.

look away - to turn your eyes away from someone or something that you were looking at
For example: Don’t
look away!  You’re going to miss the eclipse!

look down on - to think someone or something is inferior
For example: He
looks down on people who don’t follow the rules.

look for - to search
For example: I still haven’t found what I’m
looking for...

look into - to investigate or examine
For example: Is that true?  I need to
look into it.

look forward to - to anticipate with excitement
For example: I am
looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

look out - be careful to avoid immediate danger

For example: Look out!  There’s a tree falling!

look over - to review

For example: Do you have some time to look over my thesis paper?  I need a pair of fresh eyes.

look through - to browse or examine something (usually quickly)
For example: He
 looked through the brochure and found the home he wanted.

look up - to search for information

For example: When I’m reading, I often stop to look up a word in the dictionary.

look up to - to admire
For example: Katie really
looks up to her mother.

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