Phrasal Verb: Hang Out

17 October 2015 by Diane


The correct answer is C.

The phrasal verb HANG OUT means to spend time relaxing with someone.

How often do you hang out with your friends?

Using the Preposition ON

15 October 2015 by Diane


The correct answer is C.

We often use the preposition ON when talking about technology.

For example:

She spends most of the day
ON the computer.

A lot of information can be found ON the Internet.
The contact information is
ON the website.
My 2-year-old son knows how to watch videos
ON the tablet.

I like to do work ON my laptop when I am on a flight.

Using Will to Make Threats

14 October 2015 by Diane

wifi pw.png

The best answer is WILL CHANGE.

We use the future tense with WILL to make a threat.

Here, the mother is threatening to change the wifi password if her children don’t eat all of their vegetables.

Passive Form of Infinitives

12 October 2015 by Diane


The correct answer is A.

The verb need is followed by an infinitive (to + verb) and because this is a passive sentence, the verb CUT must be in the past participle form.

CUT is an irregular verb.

Base verb: CUT
Past tense: CUT
Past participle: CUT

The present perfect tense is used to describe experiences.

11 October 2015 by Diane


The correct answer is C.

SEEN is the past participle (or third verb form) of the verb, SEE.

We use the present perfect tense to describe
an experience when the time is not important.

It is very common to use the present perfect tense with the word EVER.